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Friday, 25 November 2011

Maimie's Blog - Festive Cookie Cutter of Great Britain

Interestingly, this cookie cutter is missing Northern Ireland and we are planning to add NI to our arsenal next year .  This means I’ll need a new shape for December 2012’s gingerbread-making factory that my kitchen usually becomes (not always with gloriously successful results:  always edible, not always beautiful).
The cutter’s shape is symbolic of my improving understanding of UK geography since joining NRAS in mid September. As Volunteer Network Supervisor I’m visiting many of you around the country both in established NRAS groups, recently formed group as well as to help encourage new ones.  So far I’ve been to Salisbury, Poole, Oldham, Redditch, Tunbridge Wells and will shortly be heading to St Helen’s.  All places that are entirely new to me so it’s exciting and also great to meet you face to face.  I was told December’s pace would be a little slower however it’s not looking that way!  My upcoming road trips will include Oldham again -  to meet with the people who wish to make that group happen – as well as Brighton, Dorchester and Sidcup.  I have no doubt that other places will materialize for visitations before this year ends up around the Christmas tree.
In a wild expression of optimism, I have set myself the task of getting Christmas gifts purchased before the end of November.  I made the mistake of saying this out loud to my family who are observing my progress with quiet doubt.  The idea seemed like a good one in October but as the end of the November looms it would be truthful to say that an element of frenzy is creeping in.  Wish me luck, as I wish you too, along with some sanity in the shopping operation and may any gingerbread you encounter be both good looking as well as tasty!

Maimie Hume

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