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Friday, 18 May 2012

High mountains and a tough run

Hi all,

My evaluation of the helpline and NRAS groups is finally drawing to an end. For those who were kind enough to take part I want to say a big thank you as it has been a fantastic help to the charity. We collected some great data which showed us that NRAS services really do make a difference. It’s also helped to inform us how to develop our services in the future.

I had the privilege of presenting my findings to representatives from the Rank Foundation, a trust which helps to fund NRAS and other charities a couple of weeks ago in Blackpool. It was a great couple of days which gave me the opportunity to meet other interns and hear about what they’d been up to. I also got to take a couple of cheeky dips in the hotel pool courtesy of Rank which was an added bonus!

All the fun of Blackpool was quickly followed by a couple of weeks in sunny San Francisco. I managed to take in the island of Alcatraz, art galleries, festivals, Golden Gate Park and a little too much shopping. The highlight for me though was a three day stay in Yosemite national park. I maintain that nothing compares to waking up surrounded by the fabulous Yosemite Mountains – even if the thought of bears and mountain lions roaming nearby did make me a little nervy!

I returned to the office to be hit by the bombshell that it’s only seven weeks until I’m running the 10km NRAS run! At the last count 30 minutes left me red in the face and very, very tired. I’m now officially in training and trying to limit my consumption of biscuits for the next few weeks. It’s definitely going to be tough. Wish me luck, cross your fingers and think of me charging round the park most evenings as I try and make up for lost time...

Take care and enjoy yourselves,

Data Analyst and Research Intern

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