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Friday, 8 February 2013

'You never know what’s round the corner......' by Gill Weedon

I have spent most of my working life in Finance and Payroll and my happiest working days were from 2004-2011 as the Finance and Office Manager for a Management Consultancy. When that job relocated into Central London I took the big (and difficult) decision not to take on the daily commute. This meant the following year was not so happy, I spent my days working on short term contracts with people who seemed to want to do as little as possible in their working day.

My frustration led me to say to my other half ‘I have to find a new job that means I interact with people, but who is going to take me on to do something new at my age?’ Along came NRAS and Clare must have seen something in me meaning she was willing to take on this old bird to try something completely new. I am excited about the challenges ahead being the Volunteer Network and Project Supervisor. We have two new group launches booked in at the beginning of March – Basingstoke and Cambridge and many other prospective new groups in the pipeline. If you would like to know more, or find out about our groups, visit, or just get in touch –

I have already enjoyed being out and about meeting patients and HCPs alike. Additionally Kim and I have been scoping the venues for the upcoming training days that you will hear about soon.

The best thing about working at NRAS is that everyone has the same work ethic – what an amazing group of people, they work hard and they play hard.

Wish me luck!


Volunteer Network and Project Supervisor

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