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Friday, 10 February 2012

2012 here we come!

Unbelievably we are already halfway through February and where did January go?! I think it’s a sign of getting older when the time passes faster so am feeling very old at the moment!

The good news is that January seems to have whizzed past because so much has been happening. And everyone is obviously feeling that New Year compulsion to get fit as we’ve already got 15 people signed up for the Great North Run in September (how organised is that?!) and our star runner, Darren Smith, has signed up for the Great North Run, Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Great South Run. Obviously 2 half marathons weren’t enough for him last year so he is taking on the third. Oli, who works in Fundraising, is busy training for his first marathon in Brighton in April and he and Ruth have been lucky to secure places in the Olympic Park Run on the 31st March as a warm up. They would love to have your support so if you can sponsor them please do at or We will be there to cheer them on and revive them at the finish line!

Martin Lee, a young rheumatology consultant, came to visit us at the end of January as he is setting off on 1st April from Greenwich to undertake a solo circumnavigation of the UK in his kayak to raise funds for us. He has a fantastically well thought out timetable for his 3 month journey and we hope that lots of our supporters, volunteers and members will be able to meet up with him on the way round. Anyone who wants to know more or would like to get involved can contact or visit his website at I am in complete awe of the challenge he has set himself, especially as on his return he immediately starts a new job at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

Here in the office we’ve been a bit more sedentary and baked and eaten lots of cake to launch Tea for 12. Our tea parties were a great success last year so we have decided to do this again so I hope that you will all get baking and invite your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, or just some nice people you come across to a tea party and raise some funds for NRAS at the same time. I think all of us here should donate the same amount in money as we gain in inches on our waistlines from all the cake we have eaten!

My main task for the start of this year is to look at our membership and really find out what you would all like from being a Member of NRAS, and for those of you who aren’t Members, what would entice you to join us. If you have any thoughts or suggestions I would love to hear from you so please do email me at or leave me a message after reading this and I will take your comments on board and put them into  the thought pot. We are here for you but need your  help for us to help you so do get involved and be part of the NRAS family.

I hope you all have a snow free weekend. Keep warm.

Director of Development

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