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Friday, 24 February 2012

Writer's Block

Sitting here looking at a blank sheet of paper I had the feeling of what writers block might be like, but I’m no author. Perhaps an artist has the same feelings when they’re not sure what they feel like painting but, although I enjoy art, I am no artist. So where does that leave me with chatting to you on my blog? Sitting in front of a piece of paper with only a few words on it, that’s where!
I haven’t done drawing for quite a while but if I can manage to load an image on here I’ll show you the sort of thing I enjoy doing. I can’t think of anything better than having enough spare time to lose myself in a drawing while a relaxing Mozart Piano concerto is playing in the background. Perhaps I should pick my pencils up again as I haven’t done any for months. At least then I could make use of the lovely pencil grips the office secret santa gave me.
Speaking of secret santa, December and January were extremely busy months for me in the office but this month I have been able to pick up the projects I had started planning some time ago. I always enjoy getting my teeth stuck into something new and pleased I’ve had a bit of time to dedicate to it. Things will soon change though as the Volunteer Network has quite a lot coming up in the next few months.
We also have two launch meetings in March. They’re not too far apart so at least that cuts down on travelling time for us. On the 13th we’re in Salford and the 14th we’ll be in Leeds. They’re a lot of work but it’s rewarding for us to be able to help more new people.
As we draw to the close of February I feel a sense of optimism. Just round the corner we’ll have lighter mornings and evenings, a burst of spring flowers with a promise for a bright and sunny summer, more holidays and renewed hope for something better being almost here.
Before that though, as I’m writing this a couple of days early, we have pancakes. I’m going to have mine the traditional way, with lemon as that will count as one of my ‘five a day’.
p.s. they were so delicious I had them again on Wednesday!

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