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Friday, 15 March 2013

'How Time Flies...' by Kim Fitchett

I can’t quite believe that the last time I wrote my blog I had only been here three short weeks; I sit here today having just completed my 7th month at NRAS. And what a busy 7 months it’s been!

In October of last year, only two short months after I started here, I came up against a huge learning curve when my supervisor and mentor since joining (Maimie) sadly had to leave NRAS. Having only worked at one job before this, even though for a long while, I didn’t see myself as having too much experience other than in the office admin world so coming into this job where there was so much scope for learning and growing, I really depended on Maimie in those first few months for support and guidance. It wasn’t until late November that we found a replacement for her, so I had a couple of months to try and fill some very big shoes and put all I had learned into practice! I will never regret having those few months as I feel like (and I hope my manager Clare would agree!) I held the fort fairly well and got so much out of jumping in with both feet! As quite a shy and most of the time a self doubting person, I felt like this was a huge step for me, it taught me to have more confidence and to remember that if you put your mind to something, you can be successful.

Moving on from self indulgence... I have seen and been part of the launch of four NRAS groups – Bath in September, West Dorset in October, North Hampshire and Winchester only last week and Cambridge just last night! I have been to my first member’s day that was held in October last year. We welcomed a new member of the Volunteer Network team to NRAS who is now my trusty sidekick, Gill (she wrote her first blog a few weeks back...) and have since been in planning for many exciting upcoming events for 2013.

As you will see from above it’s a busy time for our NRAS groups with four launching in the last 6 months and we have another two in the pipeline to launch by the beginning of July. Wrexham area NRAS group (North Wales) will be launching on Tuesday 16th April held at the Catrin Finch Centre on the Glyndwr University Plas Coch Campus, full details can be found here: and we have just confirmed the date of the Frimley/Sandhurst area NRAS Group launch for Wednesday 3rd July – full details for this launch will come out as soon as we have everything confirmed, so keep a check on the website!

We also have an information evening in Redditch taking place on Thursday 21st March, full details can be found here:
The first group meeting of West Dorset on Thursday 28th March, full details can be found here:
and finally the first group meeting of Bath & West Wiltshire on Wednesday 10th April, full details can be found here:
We have much planning in the pipeline for more new group launches this year, so keep a look out on here and our website during the year to see what is going on in your area!

Just want to add that a very nervous Gill presented for the first time at the group launch in Basingstoke last Wednesday and not to a small crowd with the room filling to over 100 people. She did an amazing job, so well done to her :-) Onwards and upwards!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Kim Fitchett
Volunteer Network Coordinator

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